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Renew your VFC with our Retrofit

Retrofit Vertical Stack Fan Coil

  • No-mess installation
  • Fits inside the existing cabinet
  • Quiet and efficient design – 450 or 600 CFM
  • Wi-Fi controller available

Unilux VFC’s new retrofit for vertical stack fan coils makes units run like new again, and provide brand new functions. Most importantly, the retrofit:

  • Reduces electrical energy consumption by 20%
  • Is quieter due to new brushless ECM motors
  • Transfers and removes heat quicker with brand new coils
  • Decreases mold by replacing the insulation and drain pan.

Our retrofit is an affordable substitute to replacing a whole vertical fan coil. The retrofit insert
slides right into the existing cabinet, with no need for extensive construction or mess. In less
than _ hours, the unit will be up and running, quieter and more efficient than ever.
Upgrading a vertical fan coil with a retrofit unit also allows residents to take advantage of our
Wi-Fi control options, bringing old units up to speed with what’s offered on the market today.

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